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We provide a wide range of consulting services to various industrial sectors like education, IT, e-commerce, BFSI, research etc. Our effective solutions will make sure your company reaches newer heights.

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In this digital age, we understand the importance of making people cyber aware. Our cyber awareness campaign provide a basic understanding of various cyber security terms and cyber crime issues.

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Cyber Defense Solutions

With the aim of destroying your business workings many threats, unknown to you, are likely to enter your systems. Our cyber defense solutions will monitor and protect your systems from such cyber threats.

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Mitigating Business Risk

Cyber attacks are now a daily occurence. With the recent push towards digitalisation, there has been a deep unrest within the personal and professional networks regarding cyber crimes. How do you protect your sensitive data from theft, your account from being hacked? We are here to help!

Yearly growth rate of ransomware.
Annual estimated cyber crime damage cost by 2021.
Estimated global ransomware damage cost in 2017.
$3.8 million
Global average total cost of a data breach.
Cyber Security Tips

Six Basic But Important Tips For Your Cyber Safety